Friday, May 21, 2010

Dr. Zwelling's Home Sweet Medical Home

I learned of Dr. Marcy Zwelling through her participation in a debate at Standford University yesterday in which she defended the free market as THE compassionate and efficient way of delivering medical care.

Here is her description of her concierge practice as a far superior alternative to the "medical home" that government bureaucrats have in mind for us.

The Patient Centered Medical Home

When I became a doctor...I understood that hethcare was about relationships, communication, and cooperation: the patient/doctor relationship, doctor/doctor communications, and doctor/nurse cooperation...

The passion that my colleagues and I have to preserve the medical home and the sanctity of the relationship(s) that we have with our patients is as real as our patients’ trust and love. The necessity to safeguard the professionalism that we have earned so that we can provide the discretionary judgment to assist our patients with decisions about life and death is indispensable to the conservation of the integrity of the science...

Home sweet home is not an institution to be judged by the federal government. It is a place we go to belong, to reinvigorate, to strategize and build our lives. Medical homes belong to our patients and must never become government fashioned institutions.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Physician Debate at Stanford

The Federal Government or Free Market: Which Can Offer the Most Compassionate and Effective Health-Care Plan for America?

Four physicians will debate health care policy. I am thrilled to see compassion as the center of the debate. Proponents of greater government involvement in health care argue that it is necessary and right on the basis of caring for the disadvantaged. These arguments completely evade the facts that coercion is not compassionate, and central planning is not effective. This should be a lively and interesting debate.

More information.

Register on-line.

The Benjamin Rush Society presents this debate at

Stanford University School of Medicine
May 20, 2010, 6pm
Location: James H Clark Center Auditorium
318 Campus Dr
Stanford, CA 94304

Co-sponsored by:
Stanford Federalist Society (Stanford Law School)
Stanford Chapter of the American Medical Students’ Association (Stanford Med School)
The Latino Medical Students’ Association (Stanford Med School)
Stanford Emergency Medicine Interest Group (Stanford Medical School)
Stanford Health Care Club (Stanford Business School)