Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ObamaCare Visual Aids

How in the world are we to understand the explicit details of the new 2000+ page health control law, let alone make reasonable estimations of potential unintended consequences?

Although a picture is not an argument, sometimes it's worth 1000 words.
This chart is large and complex, but is reportedly still only about a third of the bill.
(Click on image to go to pdf to enlarge.)
More information here.

Here's a chart which focuses just on one small aspect of the "Affordable" Care Act.
Navigating the Small Business Tax Credit
(Click to enlarge)

A brief introduction to the chart is given by its creator, Committee on Ways and Means member Dave Camp here.
The IRS explanation is here.

And one last one that just attempts to diagram major deadlines:

Implementation Time Line for the ACA by Center for Health Transformation
(Click on the image to go to the PDF to enlarge for details.)

How much will each box cost to implement---both in money and in freedom?
How many new directives in this bill will replace the private decisions of patients and doctors with a bureaucratic decree?
How can a nation of independent, free citizens tolerate this massive invasion into private lives---no matter what the claimed justification?

No one know, but too much.
No one knows, but too many.
We can't--if we desire to remain independent and free.


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