Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September BRP Update

A lot has been happening with the Black Ribbon Project and an update of developments is long over due.

Over 1000 ribbons have been distributed, with orders pending for several hundred more.

Bumper stickers with 3 different slogans are now available to donors upon request.

One BRP supporter was using a Post-It note to send a short message to her doctors. Included with every bill she paid was a note saying “Thank you. Health care is not a right.” To make the task easier, and to spread the word about the BRP, we designed the pre-printed pads shown below. The pads have 50 pages each and are also available to donors upon request.

A new tri-fold pamphlet is almost complete. The pamphlet introduces the Project and offers suggestions on how the Black Ribbons can be used to focus attention on the fact that quality medical care requires freedom of choice. If you are interested in receiving pamphlets to hand out, email your request to

Here's a preview of the pamphlet (click to enlarge):

This month, I have had several opportunities to promote the Black Ribbon Project.

At a fund raising diner for John Dennis (running for Congress against Nancy Pelosi) I met the leaders of several organizations who support the repeal of ObamaCare.

Last week, I presented The Black Ribbon Project to the 67th annual meeting of the Association of Physicians and Surgeons. My talk was well received and I was able to distribute many ribbons and almost 20 bumper stickers. In addition, the board of AAPS voted to send a Black Ribbon and business card to each of their new members.

This coming weekend, I'll be in Washington DC at a conference of the American College of Surgeons to help staff an informational booth for Docs4PatientCare --which will include pamphlets, pins and other materials from the BRP. ACS has officially announced its opposition to the new health care control law, so I'm expecting a warm reception. I'll also participate in a special physician's forum on the impact of the Accountable Care Act (a.k.a ObamaCare) organized by D4PC and the Heritage Foundation. I look forward to meeting the leadership of D4PC, who have been enthusiastic supporters of the BRP. Docs4PatientCare will also be sending a Black Ribbon to each new member of their organization.

In addition to the above, I have mailed letters of appreciation accompanied by a complimentary Ribbon to several physicians who are speaking and writing in defense of health care freedom. Recipients include the following:

Dr. Lee Hieb, practicing orthopedic surgeon, President for AAPS, author of article in Human Events 10/08/08 “No Barak, Medical Care is NOT a Right.”

Dr. Jack Cassell, practicing urologist, famous for the sign he put on his office door after passage of ObamaCare

Dr. Milton Wolf, practicing radiologist and cousin of President Obama who is speaking out against ObamaCare; blogs at The Wolf Files

Dr. Marcy Zwelling, practicing internist, for participating in a panel discussion at Stanford University: “The Federal Government or Free Market: Which Can Offer the Most Compassionate and Effective Health-Care Plan for America?”

Dr. Reed Wilson, practicing cardiologist, for participating in a panel discussion at Stanford University: “The Federal Government or Free Market: Which Can Offer the Most Compassionate and Effective Health-Care Plan for America?”

Dr. Jane Orient, practicing internist and managing editor J Am Phys Sur, for her multiple articles and speeches promoting private medicine and the Hippocratic Oath. Latest article: “ObamaCare”: What Is in It”

Dr. Saul Greenfield, practicing pediatric urologist, for his 09/07/10 WSJ Op-Ed, “In Defense of Physician Autonomy.”

If you have suggestions for individuals you think deserve a letter of appreciation, please pass them along either in the comments or by email.

It's a been a busy month---and I am looking forward to October being even busier!!

Beth Haynes, MD

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