Saturday, September 4, 2010

Socialized insurance IS socialized medicine

“Socialized insurance necessarily leads to socialized medicine, and if the government controls well over half of the insurance sector through Medicare and Medicaid, and tightly regulates the rest, it is only inevitable that it will also seek to control how health care is bought and sold.”

— David Dranove on ObamaCare, at The Health Care Blog

The more the government controls health care delivery, the more it will have to control medical decisions themselves, which means less control for is left to individual doctors and patients.

Proponents of the ACA continue to claim that it is NOT "socialized medicine." The desire to distance the law from this term is because it is well known that socialized medicine does notimprove quality and access and does reduce individual freedom. Tthe essence of socialized medicine is centralized government control for the purpose of creating material equality by taking from some to provide for others--and that is exactly what the new law is designed to do.

Let's call it "socialized medicine"---because that's exactly what it is.

HT John Goodman's Health Policy Blog.


  1. an interesting response was made by a guy under the name artk. seems like because other western nations have realized that we have a shared obligation to provide health for all America has to follow in its footsteps as well.

  2. Moataz,
    It is the argument "all other developed countries have socialized medicine" --implying the US is behind in joining the "progress of civilization." My response has been: "The United State is the only developed country which continues to preserve health care freedom." With the PPACA, that's less true--but we need to reverse the trend.

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