Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Review: The Truth About ObamaCare

The Truth About ObamqCare by Sally Pipes Regnery Pub. Inc., 2010

This book provides an easy to read synopsis of the recent health care reform. Pipes does a good job of bringing up the counter arguments to those who defend ObamaCare as a necessary step in the right direction. 

1. She provides a brief summary of the history of health care in the US which brought us to our current situation. 
2. She presents the data to show the problem of the uninsured is not 15% of our population but closer to 3%. 
3. She explains how the PPACA (aka ObamaCare) will exacerbate rising health care costs because it misidentifies the causes of rising costs. 
4. She provides a succinct explanation of how laws, government policies and regulations make medical care unaffordable for a significant segment of our population. 
4. She explains how ObamaCare will increase the problems of inaccessibility to medical care, restrict our choices and eventually lead to rationing. 

But no need to despair. In her last chapter, Pipes offers some alternative solutions which will increase choice, increase affordability and set us back on the path of ever-improving medical care. 

For anyone who has been closely following the health care debate and the development of PPACA, this book adds nothing new. It does put into one easy-to-read place a brief outline and introduction to the major issues involved. 

For those just getting interested in the topic, it's a great place to start. 

220 pages. Large type. Well referenced.

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