Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fight Against Tyranny Never Ends

On the 4th of July, we must remember why we celebrate. Today I will rejoice in the freedom we have in this country--but not for a second will I forget the fact that there are many who do not understand what a precious and fragile gift we have inherited.

The eight pillars of the federal government healthcare takeover:

1. Federal mandates on individuals
2. Federal mandates on employers
3. Expanding federal entitlements
4. Squeezing funds out of Medicare and choking off private plan choices'5. New federal taxes
5. New federal taxes
6. [federally controlled] Health insurance exchanges
7. Federal government-sponsored health plans [public options]
8. Federal control over private health insurance 
from Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America

The new government mandated cigarette labels:

“If they’re going to take truthful, non-deceptive advertising and put extraordinarily evocative and gruesome pictures on them and force the companies to use their money to present the government’s message, that’s a big step in a free society,” says Dan Jaffe, executive vice president of government relations with the advertisers’ association.--Shawn Zeller,

ObamaCare also requires insurance companies participating in exchanges to have their marketing approved by the government.

What we can expect if the individual mandate to purchase health insurance is upheld:

“Mandatory Life Insurance,” Cries California Congress Person
BROADMOOR, CA. June 29, 2011: “Tomorrow I plan to introduce the Affordable Life Insurance Empowerment Act in Congress,” said Arly Esperson, Congressperson from California’s 54th Congressional District. “Now that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled the health insurance mandate is constitutional, I think it’s time we take the next step.”--[Not a real bill, but it could be.]-- DaveRacer, posted at The COHR Man

Supporters of ObamaCare may find that title offensive, but it is a more accurate and neutral moniker than a title which claims the law is affordable or that it protects patients.

ObamaCare is more than an attack on our healthcare freedom. If allowed to stand, it will push us further toward the collectivist end of statism. Either a man owns his own life, or he does not. Our country was rightly founded on the belief that he does. ObamaCare is premised on the collectivist premise than a man's life is held hostage to the will of the majority and needs of "society." Compassion for the sick, poor and disadvantaged are essential parts of being human but can never justify initiating force. To maintain a peaceful, prosperous and civil nation, we must devise solutions to our problems while ruthlessly respecting every individual's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Have a glorious 4th of July.

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