Saturday, July 23, 2011

There is no moral case for Obamacare

Economist John Goodman asks "Is there a moral case for Obamacare?"

The short answer is "no."

Goodman's longer answer:
What cries out for moral justification are the mandates and regulations being forced on the other 300 million people. Why are they being forced to pay more, or allowed to pay less, than the true cost of their insurance? What moral principle can justify that?

Search the world’s ethical codes and you will have a hard time finding any that are consistent with a health reform that:

  • Gives people in health insurance exchanges up to 10 times as much federal subsidy as people at the same income level getting insurance at work.
  • Forces young people to pay two or three times the real cost of their insurance in order to subsidize older people who have more income and more assets.
  • Takes from low-income seniors in order to provide subsidized health insurance for non-seniors who have higher incomes.
  • Takes from people who use tanning salons and people who need crutches and wheelchairs and pacemakers and gives to … well …. who knows?

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